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Roof construction
We can say that besides our vast professional experience, our attachment and commitment to wood are natural, after half a century.

Traditional carpentry

Nail plate trusses
Stairs have been a topic our family’s craftsmen have been dedicated to for three generations.

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Roof construction



Wooden architecture


About Us

The Lukács family founded the classic furniture workshop in 1941. The three-generation classic furniture workshop has changed totally according to the requirements of the modern market. Keeping the traditional manufacture, we have specialized mainly for private orders. Creativity is our strength, which besides the individual ideas, uses various raw materials and modern technology. Our range of products is divided into outdoor and indoor products. We are waiting for our clients from the home country and abroad and we are at service with a positive and flexible entrepreneurial philosophy.
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How do we work?


Design and assessment

It is important to have answers to the following questions at the very beginning of the assignment:

  • What does the client want from us?
  • ow much time do we have to do it?
  • How much does the client want to spend on this order?

Once we have this information, we make an appointment for a site visit, whenever is necessary. After the assessment, in most cases we make a layout and a digital model about the location. Then, based on the local data and the client’s requirements, we make one or several draft designs and give an informative quotation.


Finalization of the design and deposit

After the second consultations, we select the best draft design together and check on the materials, the types of wood, textures and color harmony, fenestrations, sealers, tiles, ridging, etc.

Finalization of the design and deposit

And after the conciliations we establish the final price. If we reach an agreement an advance payment is paid and afterwards we finalize the design and start the production.


Production and delivery

If the clients so requests, we inform them about the manufacturing process. We deliver and install the finished product at the location, at a date agreed in advance.

Production and delivery

After the installation and delivery, we inform the client about the product`s warranties and the practical usage, and at the same time the rest of the payment is paid.

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